If you want to look at someone’s soul, you have to look at their dreams.

ZEN showing respects to everyone, we believe that, as Maxwell Maltz said, the true self-esteem is not come from wealth and honor, but rather from the respects we have been showing to others.

Employees are the life and soul of the company; there are the basics of any corporation.

We providing opportunities and platform for our employees, we respect their dreams and discover their potentials. We cherish every moment of working together with them.

Drawing on a team with expertise in various fields, Economic Manager, Architect, Landscape Architect, Engineer, Budgeting Specialist and Strategy Planner, we come together with the same ideals and passion.

We believe each environment has its unique features; it varies from place to place and from individual to individual, so should the design be vary and creative. We have been thinking beyond traditional

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